Two brothers, one project: Km.0

The restaurant was born in the shop where the grandfather forged metal, where – today – Marco creates flavors and dishes to be offered with elegance and cordiality.

Two brothers and one project: transforming the place where the grandfather forged metal into a forge of flavors and tastes to be offered with elegance and cordiality. Km.0 Restaurant born from the desire of chef Marco Cannizzaro and his brother Fabio to enhance the local products through an innovative cuisine.

The venue is essential for Marco and Fabio’s restaurant concept – only 25 seats – to give each diner a unique culinary experience.

With a simple and refined appearance, the location is perfectly in line with the peculiar characteristic of the restaurant: to return to the sincere flavors of the kitchen, where the refined genuineness in its simplicity signs each dish.

Thanks to Marco’s tenacity and Fabio’s involvement, you can embark on a journey through the excellence of our territory, spending moments full of sensations and lightness.

“Knowledge and passion are the ingredients that make up our team led by me in the kitchen and my brother Fabio in the dining room. All very young and very close-knit, together we can do great things”

Our philosophy: Quality, Territory, Innovation

Quality catering, essentially based on the Mediterranean diet, the result of research into regional typicalities and discovery of precious realities to share and offer in our dishes, together with a simple but never predictable style. A preparation that uses innovative methods and equipment to respect and enhance foods and flavors.

An informed and reasoned restaurant where the Team, the chef Marco Cannizzaro and his brother Fabio, pursues the promotion and enhancement of our territory and its food traditions.

Inspired by the idea that healthy and good eating creates benefits for the environment, Sicilian products of excellence are favored, as well as research, qualification of Chef Marco Cannizzaro’s brigade will be offered to customers.

What will you find?

– a simple but never predictable kitchen; – an adequate wine list, which mainly supports the proposals of Sicilian wine cellars, with a selection of national and international wines; – an appropriate selection of cultivars of Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.